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A Broom for the Garden

A Broom for the Garden
A Broom for the Garden

A Broom for the Garden

Stiff bass brooms can be purchased quite cheaply, but while they will do many forms of sweeping admirably, they are not nearly so good as a besom for getting the leaves off the lawn or doing up a sanded path. A broom of this kind can be easily made, and will give good service for years.

Get, first of all, a stout stick about four feet long, and then collect a large bunch of twigs. Some twigs will answer better than others, those of the birch among the best. Springy ones which do not lose their elasticity are needed.

Close to the lower end of the stick, bore a hole, and then thread a piece of galvanized wire through it. Now arrange the twigs around the stick, and when you have put an equal amount all round, take the wire thread and tie it round and round the twigs. If necessary, clip away any pieces of the twigs which spoil the symmetry of the broom.

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