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Vastu For Plot Selection

Vastu For Plot Selection — In the contemporary times, more and more people are consulting a Vastu expert, while selecting a plot, irrespective of the fact whether they want to use the plot for residential or commercial purposes. Vastu for plot selection goes a long way in keeping away the negative energies, which lead to severe health and loss of money. Vaasthu advice for plot selection is based on the study of multiple factors, which include direction of the site, type of soil on the site, shape of the plot, surroundings of the plot and many more. Check out some vaastu tips for plot selection, in the following lines.

Vaastu Tips For Plot Selection

  • Choose a plot that doesn’t have an irregular shape. Square or rectangle shape plot is considered good. Make sure that the plot doesn’t have any cracks.

  • A plot that has more length in the east or west direction is good for purchasing purpose.

  • As per vastu, buying of such a plot that has more of open space in southern portion as compared to the northern side is not suggested, as it is likely to cause some sort of destruction.

  • It is advisable to buy a plot that has the main entrance in the mid-west or in the northern portion of the plot.

  • It is not recommended to buy a plot facing the west direction.

  • A plot-facing road from all sides is considered auspicious.

  • People of different occupations are affected by certain directions chosen for plot. For instance, a plot facing east is considered favorable for scholars, philosophers, priests, teachers and professors. For people handling administration of a firm, selecting a plot facing north is good. Government employees can also choose a plot facing north.

  • In case you are a business person, then purchase a plot that faces south. For the people providing services to the society, opting for a plot facing west is good.

  • According to vaastu shasthra, fertile plot with greenery surrounding it is considered auspicious.

  • Make sure that there is no graveyard or tomb in the front, back or adjacent to your plot.

  • Avoid the plot that is located in the vicinity of schools, colleges or cinema theatre.

  • Do not purchase a plot, to which rain water from the roof of the neighborhood falls.

  • Make sure that there is not tall building located in the north eastern side of your plot, because it would ruin your mental peace. However, if the high-rise building is located in the south, south west or western side, you may purchase the plot.

  • Avoid purchasing a plot with rivers or canal flowing on west or south side of the plot.

  • Make sure that there is no pillar, electric or post nearby your plot.

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