Who's Down - App to locate people nearby who want to go out

Who’s Down – App to locate people nearby who want to go out

Google has come up with a new app that tells you which friends are free and want to meet.

Named ‘Who’s Down’, the app is available for free download, media reported.

Once you have confirmed you are “down” for an activity, nearby friends will see your status and be given the option to join you.

You do this by sliding a switch that makes you available for three hours. The app also lets you pick from a list of popular activities or create your own.

If you manage to find some friends, there are group chatting features included to help organise the logistics of the event.

If you attempt to sign up for ‘Who’s Down’ without an invitation, Google asks you to enter your email address and your school.

The app is available for both iOS and Android.

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