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Most of us have heard of the temples of Khajuraho. The village of Khajuraho is in the Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, India. This place was the capital of Chandela kings from 9th to the 13th century. These kings built 85 temples between 950 and 1050. Out of these only 20 survive today. These temples were dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and Tirthankaras.

During this age India was the Asian Eldorado. The people were prosperous and happy and the fertile land yielded plenty of fruits and flowers. This climate was most conducive to creative efforts and temple building as its chief form.

The Khajuraho temples are of the Indo - Aryan type. Each temple stands on a high platform and the customary enclosure is absent. The temples are in three groups - in an area of about eight square miles. The western group, largest and most important, is situated at the axis of the Lalguan - Rajnagar road. The eastern group comprises Brahmin and Jain shrines close to the present Khajuraho village. The southern group is almost one mile away from the south of the village.

The western group comprises the oldest Chaunsath Yogini, the Kendriya Mahadeva, the Devi Jagadambe, Chitragupta temple, Vishwanatha and Nandi temples. The other temples of this group are Parvati temple, Lakshmana temple, Matangesvara temple and Varah temple.

Eastern group consists of Vamana Javari temple, Brahma temple, Adinatha temple, Parsvanatha temple and several other Jain temples.

Southern group has only two temples - Duladeo temple and Chaturbhuj temple.

Temples of Khajuraho present a unique art and sculpture. They have engraved in them the figures of gods and goddesses, celestial nymphs and handmaidens ('Aapsaras' and 'Surasundaris'), bold serpents and leonine beasts and myriads of women. 'Mithuna' couples (rioting figures of love and lust) have accorded Khajuraho a distinctive status. At the centre of each temple there is the statue of an honored god.

In addition to these temples there is a small Archeological Museum at Khajuraho, showing mainly sculptures collected on temple sites.

Khajuraho is a famous place and visited by thousands of visitors every year from far and abroad.

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