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Muslin Fabric

Indian Motifs Textile Pattern

Last Updated On: 8/2/2009


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: Indian Motifs


Muslin is a soft and fine cotton fabric with a plain weave. It is sometimes printed or dyed. The fabric comes in medium to lightweight. It is cool, comfortable and very affordable. Muslin wears well. It has a simple and clean look. It has low count, less than 160 threads per square inch. Unfinished muslin is used in fashion design for making trial garments.

Characteristics of Muslin Fabric
• It is smooth and delicate.
• It is cool and comfortable.
• It wears well.
• It is medium to lightweight.
• It wrinkles.

Uses of Muslin Fabric
The upholsterers put muslin as the primary fabric of chair and sofa. The fabric is lightweight, so it is used as slipcovers, bedspread, bedskirt, throw pillow, table skirt, etc. Muslin curtains and window shade suits a country house. Muslin is also used as eveningwear, bridal wear, trimmings, backing for millinery and neckwear.


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