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छोटे बच्चों की हास्यप्रद कहानी: बरगद का चश्मा

छोटे बच्चों की हास्यप्रद कहानी: बरगद का चश्मा

फूलों से लदे हुए जंगल में चारों तरफ़ रंगबिरंगी तितलियाँ उड़ रही थी। भौरें गुनगुना रहे थे और चारों तरफ़ ठंडी ठंडी हवा बह रही थी। सभी बहुत खुश थे पर अगर कोई उदास था तो वह था बरगद का पेड़। और उसकी इस उदासी का कारण था उसका सबसे अच्छा दोस्त बादल। अब ये भी सोचने की बात है …

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दो बैलों की कथा: मुंशी प्रेमचंद की लोकप्रिय कहानी

Munshi Premchand Classic Hindi Story दो बैलों की कथा

कथाकार मुंशी प्रेमचंद भारत के ही नहीं, दुनियाभर में विख्यात हुए और ‘कथा सम्राट‘ कहलाए। प्रेमचंद की जयंती 31 जुलाई को बड़े ही उत्‍साह से मनाई जाती  है। इस खास मौके पर उनकी कहानी ‘दो बैलों की कथा‘ पढ़कर अपनी यादें ताजा कर लीजिए… दो बैलों की कथा [1]: हीरा और मोती जानवरों में गधा सबसे ज्यादा बुद्धिमान समझा जाता …

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सआदत हसन मंटो की लोकप्रिय कहानी हिंदी में: लाइसेंस

लाइसेंस - सआदत हसन मंटो

अब्बू कोचवान बड़ा छैल-छबीला था। उसका तांगा-घोड़ा भी शहर में नंबर वन था। वह कभी मामूली सवारी नहीं बिठाता था। उसके लगे-बंधे गाहक थे, जिनसे उसको रोजाना 10-15 रुपए वसूल हो जाते थे, जो उसके लिए काफ़ी थे। दूसरे कोचवानों की तरह उसे नशा-पानी की आदत नहीं थी, लेकिन साफ़-सुथरे कपड़े पहनने और हर वक़्त बांका बने रहने का उसे …

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Inspirational Story About Class Teacher making a difference: Incredibly Touching

Inspirational Story About Class Teachers making a difference - Incredibly Touching

Her name was Mrs. Thompson. As she stood in front of her 5th grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children a lie. Like most teachers, she looked at her students and said that she loved them all the same. But that was impossible, because there in the front row, slumped in his seat, was …

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Story of Tansen’s Music Teacher: Song of Songs

Tansen's Music Teacher

Slowly, gently, the exhausted musician laid his tanpura on the carpet. The exquisite strains of raag darbari still vibrated within the hall. Emperor Akbar looked up, his eyes lit with admiration. “Wonderful!” he said. “Superb! I listen to you every day, but I can’t seem to have enough!” Tansen bowed in silent gratitude. “I think you have the most wonderful …

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Krishna and Rukmini: Story Behind Wedding

Krishna and Rukmini: Story Behind the Wedding of Sri Krishna

Bheeshmaka, the king of Vidarbha had two children, Prince Rukmi and Princess Rukmini. Bheeshmaka had heard many stories of Krishna‘s valor and secretly wished him to be his son-in-law. He knew that it might not be possible as Kamsa’s father-in-law, Jarasandha, was their overlord and he was Krishna’s sworn enemy. Vidarbha is the eastern region of the Indian state of …

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Krishna Visits Mathura: Krishna’s Childhood Story

Krishna Visits Mathura: Lord Krishna's Childhood Story in English

Now stories about Krishna’s deeds spread far and wide. When Kamsa heard about Krishna, he was sure that Krishna was Devaki’s eight born child, born to destroy him. He, in turn, planned to invite Krishna to Mathura (Uttar Pradesh, India) and have him killed. He summoned an old minister by the name of Akrura and sent him to Gokul with …

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Krishna and Jarasandha: A Mahabharata Story

Krishna and Jarasandha - Bheema killed Jarasandha in wrestling match

King Brihadratha of Magadha (ancient Indian kingdom in southern Bihar) was married to the twin daughters of the King of Kashi. Brihadratha loved both his wives equally and had all the material joys of the world, but no son. This left him in a depressed state. The sage Chandakaushika visited his kingdom and Brihadratha served him with respect. Being pleased …

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Friendship: Animal Inspirational English Story

Inspirational Animals English Story: Friendship

Pinku, a little squirrel was fond of placing bets with her friend Tutu parrot. However she always felt disappointed, as she always lost the bet. Poor Pinku was forced to offer five of her favorite nuts in return. All her friends advised her to avoid any further betting but Pinku used to remain silent with a faint smile. Tutu had …

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Motivational Story about School Friends: My Friend and I

Motiational English Story about School Friends: My Friend and I

“Vijaylakshmi”, called out the teacher of Class VI B, nodding at the girl seated in the middle of the room, “please come here”. The girl in the candy-striped uniform rose, black eyes flickering nervously. Her thick, frizzy hair was pulled tightly back into a long, heavy plait but wisps of hair had escaped and framed her face in a halo …

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