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Parents Day Flowers: Information For Children

Parents Day Flowers: Information For Children

Parents Day Flowers: Parents are our lifeline. They raise us with unconditional love and sacrifice a lot to make us better human beings. But often we tend take them for granted. Parents day gives you the opportunity to thank your parents for everything they did for you in your upbringing and what can be more apt than a thoughtful gift …

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Single Father: Tips For Being A Single Father

Single Father

Single Father: Though the world often makes a hue and cry for a Single Mom and how pathetic life can be for her, handling everything alone. People hardly discuss or care about Single Fathers whose life also becomes equally tough shuffling between work and home.  Though the choice of being single father could be due to chance or choice, the …

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Parents Day History For Students And Children

Parents Day History For Students

Parents Day History For Students: Parents day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July in many countries. It is a day meant to honor the parents for all the sacrifices they do throughout their lives to provide their children with the best of everything. Parent’s day gives children an opportunity to reunite with their parents and have a good …

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Personalized Gifts For Parents: Culture & Trends

Personalized Gifts For Parents - Parent's Day

Personalized Gifts For Parents: “I’ll always remember, those were the best of times, I’ll cherish them forever, the best of times”. So go the lyrics to the song ‘The Best of Times’ by American progressive legends Dream Theater. The song was written by Mike Portnoy, the drummer of the band, as a tribute to his father who died of cancer. …

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Unique Gifts for Parents Day Celebration

Unique Gifts for Parent's Day

Unique Gifts for Parents Day Celebration: The word ‘Parents’ evokes in us strong feelings of love, affection and warmth. Is it not surprising that their mere presence uplifts our mood and makes us feel so safe and secure? Undoubtedly, parents have an integral role to play in raising children. It is a truth universally acknowledged that parenting is a life-long …

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Writing “Father” Word in 58 Different Languages

Father In Different Languages: Saying Dad In Different Languages

After mother, ‘father’ is the word that almost all the kids learn to speak. It gives a man immense pleasure to be called ‘dad’, ‘daddy’, ‘baba’, ‘papa’ or even ‘abbu’ by his child. In fact, he eagerly waits for the moment in his life. Have you ever wondered how other children across the globe call out to their father? Do …

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Children’s Day History: Origin and Background

Jawaharlal Nehru Quotes in English

Children’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries across the world. While International Children’s Day is observed on June 1st, Universal Children’s Day is marked on 20th November. These dates too vary from nation to nation. The first International Children’s Day was observed by Turkey in 1920 and then by Switzerland in 1925. Universal Children’s Day has a …

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Children’s Day Crafts: Easy Art & Craft Ideas

Children's Day Crafts

Children’s Day is celebrated throughout India with immense fun, joy and enthusiasm. The day pays a tribute to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru‘s love and passion for children. It is celebrated on 14th November every year which marks the birth anniversary of Nehru, who was also the first Prime Minister of India after its independence. The day is marked by a number …

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Children’s Day Around the World: Celebrations

Children's Day Date: When Is Children's Day

Children’s Day celebrates childhood and honors children around the world. Loved by one and all, childhood is all about innocence and playfulness. By observing Children’s Day, the kids are given the right to enjoy their life to the fullest and grow up into healthy and cultured citizens of their respective countries. This day was instituted to provide the children with …

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