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Christmas Movies: Popular Santa Claus Films

Christmas Movies - List of popular Christmas Movies

Christmas is a time to spend quality time with family members and have a lot of fun. During the holidays, many families would plan weekend getaway, parties, or get together with their friends and relatives. It is also the time, when cinema halls are flocked with movie buffs. While many people make their bookings in advance and head towards the …

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Christmas Legends, Stories, Symbols and Icons

Christmas Legends - Christian Culture & Tradition

Christmas is one of the most popular festivals in the world. It is celebrated in order to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Celebrated with immense zeal and fervor in maximum parts of the world, Christmas has now become a global festival. On the occasion of Christmas, people decorate streets, their houses, and shops with …

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Christmas Crafts: Craft Ideas for Students


Here are some simple and easy Christmas crafts for kids and adults and Christmas craft ideas that you can actually use Christmas is the right time to give vent to your creativity and artistic capabilities and encourage kids to do something constructive that they can enjoy too. Christmas crafts will also keep your children busy and make them aware of …

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Christmas Around The World: Christian Culture

Christmas Wishes - Wishes for Christmas, Christmas Wish Ideas

Christmas is one of the important Christian festivals, celebrated with great fanfare around the world. The day, which is observed on 25 December, is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. It is a holiday season in many countries of the world, where Christianity is the predominant religion. While the festival is celebrated with enthusiasm worldwide, the customs …

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Easter Egg Coloring: Tips to Decorate Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Coloring: Christian Culture & Traditions

Easter egg coloring is an important part of Easter egg decoration. You can make traditional designs on the egg or you can try out your own artistic ideas. Even if you make a silly Easter egg, don’t worry about it, as it is a part of the total Easter fun. Hard-boiling or blowing your Easter egg before coloring it will …

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Cross of Jesus: Cross Of Sorrow, Symbolism Of Cross Of Jesus

Easter Cross: Christian Culture & Traditions

Cross of Jesus: Cross Of Sorrow, Symbolism Of Cross Of Jesus – On Good Friday, a plank of wood, representing the cross on which Christ was crucified, is displayed in churches for the veneration of believers. One by one, they come and kiss it. This is followed by a service from noon to 3 pm, in which narratives from the …

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Chocolate Easter Eggs: In history of Christianity and Easter Celebrations

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Easter. The first Sunday after the first full moon, immediately after the vernal equinox, is the Easter Sunday. Easter is the time for self reflection and re-evaluation of oneself. The custom of Easter egg is historically associated with a pagan celebration of spring and fertility which was later incorporated into Christianity. No matter …

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