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Bateshwar Cattle Fair Date And Celebration

Bateshwar Cattle Fair

The state of Uttar Pradesh is popular for its rich spiritual legacy with the series of religious festivals celebrated across the state. The long list of festivals and fairs of the state includes the Bateshwar Fair on top of the list. The well known Bateshwar fair is held at Bateshwar, the spiritual and cultural center of the state. Bateshwar is …

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Elephant Festival: Jaipur Elephant Polo & Dance Festival

Elephant Festival — Elephants are regarded precious and majestic since “puranic” era. The supremacy of Elephant is also well illustrated in the Hindu Mythology. According to legends, at the time of ‘Samudra Manthan’ when demon and Gods were busy in “churning the ocean” (samudra manthan), Gods were fortunate to receive an elephant called “Airavata” which latter became the divine vehicle (vahana) …

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Haldighati Festival Information For Students And Children

Haldighati Festival

Rajasthan – the colorful land brings celebrations to the rich culture of India. No Indian who has ever heard about historical battles can ever forget the name of name ‘Haldighati’ and more specifically “The battle of Haldighati”, where the King of Mewar – Maharana Pratap fought ferociously. The yellow colored soil of Haldighati turned completely red during the battle in …

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Chamliyal Mela: Cancelled for first time since 1947

Chamliyal Mela

For the first time since Independence, the famous Chamliyal Mela has been cancelled by the administration. The 198-km-long International Border has always been tense, but the recent sniping incident by Pakistan Rangers at Chamliyal post has led to cancellation of the 320-year-old congregation at the dargah of Baba Dalip Singh Manhas, known as Baba Chamliyal. A day after an almost …

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Pattadakkal Dance Festival

Pattadakkal Dance Festival is celebrated every year in Pattadakkal and the venues are inevitably the temples of Pattadakkal. Fairs and Festivals forms an integral part of the living heritage of Karnataka. Festivals here is marked by enthusiasm, gaiety, color, adherence to traditions and culture. The diversity of the state is well manifested in these fairs and festivals of Karnataka. Pattadakkal …

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