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What is the selection criteria of National Bravery Award on Republic Day?

National Bravery Awards

The selection for the award are made from the applications received from sources like the central / state government departments, Panchayats, Zilla Parishads (district level Government bodies), school authorities as well as state and Union territory councils for child welfare. National Bravery Award Selection Criteria: National Bravery Award for Indian Children is given each year by Government of India and …

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How is Republic Day celebrated in India?

Republic Day Celebrations: Celebrating Republic Day in India

It is one of the national holidays of India. The republic day of India is on January 26. the main center of celebration is New Delhi. A prominent ruler from a foreign country is invited for the ceremony as chief guest. A very nice procession along with military parade is the attraction of the day. Soldiers are awarded for their …

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What’s the story behind Subhash Chandra Bose and Hitler’s secret Indian army?

सुभाष चन्द्र बोस - गोपाल प्रसाद व्यास: देश भक्ति कविता

In the closing stages of World War II, as Allied and French resistance forces were driving Hitler’s now demoralized forces from France, three senior German officers defected. Legionnaires were recruited from German POW camps The information they gave British intelligence was considered so sensitive that in 1945 it was locked away, not due to be released until the year 2021. …

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Are elephants afraid of mice? Education & Reference Q&A

आप हाथी नहीं इंसान हैं

Although you may have seen many cartoons and films which show elephants being terrified by tiny mice, in reality elephants pay as little attention to mice, which often scuttle around their feet, as you would pay a sparrow in your garden or in the street. Many people believe that the elephant would be afraid of the mouse because it is …

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