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Raksha Bandhan Celebrations in India

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations: Rakhi Culture & Traditions

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations in India: India is the only country where the love of a brother-sister duo is respected so much that a festival, called Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan, is especially dedicated to it. Rakhi is celebrated with a lot of fun and frolic in India. Besides tying Rakhis on the brother’s hand, gift exchange, relishing tempting and mouth watering …

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When is Baisakhi: Harvest Festival Date, Significance in Sikhism

When is Baisakhi: Indian Culture & Traditions

The auspicious festival of Baisakhi is celebrated on first day of Vaisakh month (April-May) according to the Nanakshahi calendar. Hence, the festival of Baisakhi is also popularly known as Vaisakhi. According to Gregorian Calendar, Baisakhi falls on April 13 every year and on April 14 once in 36 years. This variation in date is due to the fact that date …

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Baisakhi Customs: Baisakhi Festival Rituals & Traditions

Baisakhi Customs: Sikh Culture & Traditions

The harvest festival of Baisakhi is celebrated with pomp and gaiety across the vibrant state of Punjab. It falls on the first day of the Indian calendar month, Vaishakh, which is usually April 13. Apart from being a harvest festival, it holds a special significance in the Sikh community, because it commemorates the establishment of the Khalsa (pure) order for …

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हनुमान जी की आरती: आरती कीजै हनुमान लला की

Hanuman Aarti हनुमान जी की आरती

Hanuman Aarti completes the worship or prayers made to the God. It is believed that aarti provides a completion to the puja. This aarti of Shri Hanuman is also known Bajrangbali Aarti. हिंदू धर्म में हनुमान जी को भगवान शिव का अवतार माना जाता है। भगवान श्री राम के परम भक्त माने जाने वाले हनुमान जी का स्मरण करने से …

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रामनवमी: राम के नाम का अध्ययन

रामनवमी - राम के नाम का अध्यन

राम नाम उर मैं गहिओ जा कै सम नहीं कोई। जिह सिमरत संकट मिटै दरसु तुम्हारे होई।। जिनके सुंदर नाम को ह्रदय में बसा लेने मात्र से सारे काम पूर्ण हो जाते हैं। जिनके समान कोई दूजा नाम नहीं है। जिनके स्मरण मात्र से सारे संकट मिट जाते हैं। ऐसे प्रभु श्रीराम को मैं कोटि-कोटि प्रणाम करता हूं। कलयुग में …

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Was Lord Ram Really Born? Indian Ethos, Historical Facts And Truth

Was Lord Ram Really Born?

We Indians are the products of one of the oldest civilizations. We need to be really proud of our ancient history and cultural heritage. However, during the British Rule, we developed an inferiority complex, which adversely affected our quest to unearth facts relating to our glorious past. But our young and educated men and women, born and brought up in …

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Significance of Ram Navami: Importance of Ram Navami in Hindu Culture

Rama Navami

The festival of Ram Navami is celebrated as the birthday of the Hindu God Rama, who is believed to be one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. According to the Hindu calendar, it falls on the ninth day of the Chaitra month, which is the spring season. Though Rama Navami is a major festival which celebrates birth of Lord Rama, …

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Ram Navami Poems: Bhajans in Name of Lord Rama

Ram Navami Poems

Rama Navami is one of the most popular festivals in India. It is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm throughout the country in order to commemorate the birth of Lord Ram. This occasion is considered to be an extremely auspicious and pious occasion by all the Hindus as Lord Ram is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu on …

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Ram Navami Rituals: Hindu Culture & Traditions

Ram Navami Rituals: Hindu Culture & Traditions

Ram Navami is a sacred Hindu festival celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm all over the country. It is celebrated on the ninth day (Navami) of the Chaitra month (first month of Hindu lunar calendar) in ‘Shukla paksha’ or waxing moon. Ram Navami Rituals: Hindu Culture & Traditions This festival is observed in order to celebrate the birth of Marayada …

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Ram Navami Mantra: Rama Gayatri Mantra To Attain Salvation

Ram Navami Mantra: Hindu Culture & Traditions

Ram Navami is celebrated in order to commemorate the birth of Lord Rama. As Rama was considered the seventh incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu, the festival is held in high regard by Hindus all over the world. On this day, the devotees of Ram all over the world observe fast and engage in the worship of Ram. It is said …

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