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हनुमान और सुरसा का शिक्षाप्रद प्रंसग

हनुमान जी भगवान राम के परम् भक्त थे। जब लंका का राजा रावण सीता को हर कर ले गया तो राम और लक्ष्मण वन वन सीता को खोजने लगे। एक दिन वे घूमते हुए किष्कंधा पहुचे। वहाँ उनकी उनकी भेंट हनुमान से हुई। हनुमान सुग्रीव के मंत्री थे। उन्होंने सुग्रीव के साथ राम लक्ष्मण की मित्रता कराई। सुग्रीव ने सीता …

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Guru Gobind Singh: Childhood of 10th Sikh Guru

Guru Gobind Singh - The Childhood

The tenth Guru Spent his first five years in Patna itself and did his basic schooling there. Along with the religious scriptures, he also studied the Bihari language at Patna. His Uncle, Bhai Kripal, trained him in archery and swordsmanship and soon he became a great marksman. When Guru Tegh Bahadur returned from Dhaka (now Bangladesh‘s Capital) to Patna he …

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Guru Gobind Singh: Uncommon Games and Related Stories

Prince Gobind Rai was hardly five when he started to get weapon training. He began to break pitchers of women carrying water with the aim of his catapult. The women whose pitchers were broken would complain to his revered mother. The mother used to by them brass utensils which would not break with the pellets. Guru Gobind Singh – Uncommon …

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When Goddess Lakshmi Begged: Hindu Folktale

Wisdom Folktale about Diwali Festival: When Goddess Lakshmi Begged

Long Long ago there was a king in Jaisalmer whose name was Rawal Prithvi Singh. His kingdom was very prosperous. He built up his capital with latticed windows and large havelis (palaces). He also captured some areas of neighboring kingdoms. But he was not broadminded. His success made him unreasonable, foolish and haughty. One day, while he was in his …

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Krishna & Syamantaka Gem: Lord Krishna Story

Krishna and Syamantaka Gem - Story of Lord krishna youth days

Satrajit, a nobleman of Dwarka, was a devotee of Surya, the Sun God. Surya being pleased with Satrajit’s devotion appeared before him and gifted him the Syamantaka gem. The Syamantaka gem’s specialty was that it could magically produce eight measures of gold a day. Satrajit became a really wealthy man. Krishna then approached Satrajit and told him that he should …

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Birth of Lord Krishna: Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Birth of Lord Krishna

Krishna was born in a tense historical period proceeding a devastating war. The warring factions built up so many weapons that the burden on the earth became unbearable. Finally the goddess of Earth took the form of a cow and prayed to Lord Brahma for relief. Lord Brahma called all the demigods to the shore of the Milk Ocean to …

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