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How Ganesha came to have Elephant Head

How Ganesh came to have elephant's head

When the Gods lived on the earth, Lord Shiva – Mahadeva, the Lord of All, lived on the highest peak of the Himalayas. With him lived his wife, Goddess Parvati. They had no child. For thousands of years they lived there, looking down upon the entire world, which lay at their feet. But even the gods have their own sorrows, …

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Guru Har Krishan Life History And Teachings

Guru Har Rai passed away on October 6, 1661. Guru Har Krishan consoled the disciples. He asked them not to give way to despair but abide by the will of the Almighty. All should sing God’s praises and not weep or lament. As days went by, the disciples began pouring in from far and near. They were delighted to have …

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Sant Kabir’s Family: Story about family of Kabir Das

Sant Kabir

Saint Kabir was born in 1398 AD in Banaras city. His father Neeru was a Muslim and weaver by profession. Banaras being a Hindu place of pilgrimage was always thronged by Sadhus. Those Sadhus had a profound effect on the life of Kabir. While playing with companions in childhood, he would often call ‘Ram Ram’ or ‘Hari Hari. Hindu children …

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Kabir’s Ram: Kabir Das Teachings And Belief For Students And Children

Kabir's Ram - Kabir Das Teachings and Belief

Kabir Das had faith in one God who is neither a man nor divine, neither a yogi nor a celibate. He has neither a mother nor a son. The extent of this type of god can not be known and he can not be con fined to a temple. He has no body and no blood. He is neither born …

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“अभी दिल्ली दूर है” की कहावत और हजरत निज़ामुद्दीन औलिया

Story of Famous Sufi Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin अभी दिल्ली दूर है

मध्यकाल में दिल्ली ही नहीं बल्कि सारे भारत के जनजीवन पर सूफियों का बड़ा प्रभाव था। यद्यपि सुलतान इसलाम के पालक और संरक्षक थे, मुल्लों और कठमुल्लों के बहकावे मे आ कर हिंदू प्रजा पर मनमाने अत्याचार भी करते थे। लेकिन सुलतान के अधिकांश अमीरों, विशेषतः आम जनता का सूफीमत की ओर अधिक झुकाव था। सूफी धर्म भारत के अद्वैतवाद …

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सिद्धार्थ कुमार: भगवान बुद्ध के बचपन का किस्सा

सिद्धार्थ कुमार

बुद्ध भगवान का बचपन का नाम सिद्धार्थ कुमार है। महाराज शुद्धोदन ने उनके लिए एक अलग बहुत बड़ा बगीचा लगवा दिया था। उसी बगीचे में वे एक दिन टहल रहे थे। इतने में आकाश से हंस पक्षी चीखता हुआ गिर पड़ा। राजकुमार सिद्धार्थ ने दौड़कर उस पक्षी को लिया। किसी ने हंस को बाण मारा था। वह बाण अब भी …

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Guru Gobind Singh: Uncommon Games and Related Stories

Prince Gobind Rai was hardly five when he started to get weapon training. He began to break pitchers of women carrying water with the aim of his catapult. The women whose pitchers were broken would complain to his revered mother. The mother used to by them brass utensils which would not break with the pellets. The Prince asked his uncle …

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Guru Gobind Singh: Emergence of Guru

On November 11, 1675, Guru Tegh Bahadur was publicly beheaded in Chandni Chowk. After the execution his body was left in the open to serve as a reminder to all rebels. Only a low caste Lubana Sikh named Lakhi Shah had the courage to secretly take away the headless body in a cart to his hut, which was at the …

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Guru Gobind Singh: Defender of Faith

Of all the things, Guru Gobind Singh placed most reliance on religious faith. He taught his Sikhs and other people who met him, to face death and extermination in the cause of true faith. He told them to stand up and oppose the tyrants with all the might instead of bearing the tyranny. The defence of faith lies in standing …

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Guru Gobind Singh: The Childhood of 10th Sikh Guru

Guru Gobind Singh - The Childhood

The tenth Guru Spent his first five years in Patna itself and did his basic schooling there. Along with the religious scriptures, he also studied the Bihari language at Patna. His Uncle, Bhai Kripal, trained him in archery and swordsmanship and soon he became a great marksman. When Guru Tegh Bahadur returned from Dacca to Patna he saw his five …

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