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Krishna’s Childhood in Vrindavana

Krishna's Childhood in Vrindavana

When Yasoda and Nanda found Krishna as their son, they performed all the religious ceremonies in secret, to avoid Kansa’s wrath. The family astrologer, Gargamuni, told the family, “Your son Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He will protect you from Kansa’s persecutions, and by His grace only, you will surpass all difficulties. Therefore raise Him carefully, because many …

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Guru Gobind Singh: The Birth – Story behind the birth of 10th Sikh Guru

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Tenth Guru and Last of the Sikhs guru was born to Guru Tegh Bahadur and Mata Gujari Ji on December 26, 1666, at Patna Sahib in Bihar. Though he came into the world that day, the story of his birth began much earlier. Much Before his mortal birth, when he was in a state of bodiless …

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