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Good Friday Recipes: Italian Zucchini Carpaccio & Floral Raspberry Cake

Good Friday

Good Friday Recipes For Students And Children: Quick And Easy Recipes for Good Friday – Great food, good friends and tall glasses of wine – all this is a part of any occasion these days. Good Friday is one festival that is celebrated all round the globe, by the Christian community. As per the Catholic Church, people observe a fast …

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Good Friday Prayers, Solemn Day Prayer Lyrics

Easter Cross: Christian Culture & Traditions

Good Friday Prayers, Solemn Day Prayers & Lyrics: Prayer is the divine way to reach God. It’s a way to ask for blessings from the Almighty. Prayers are an integral part in any Christian festival and the same holds true for Good Friday as well. Good Friday is a solemn holiday that is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. …

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Good Friday Date: Observance & Fasting Day

Good Friday

Good Friday Date: When is Good Friday Celebrated – Good Friday is a day of mourning and all the ceremonies and rituals of the day are centered on the feeling of sorrow at the pain and humiliation that Jesus underwent for the cause of goodness and humanity. The followers of Christianity observe this day primarily commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus …

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What Is Love? Indian Culture & Traditions

What Is Love?: Indian Culture & Traditions

Poets and authors have tried to define love for centuries, whereas scientists have only recently started. Many of us know intuitively that love is a major purpose for living; that connection is inherent in all that we do, and without love, we cannot survive as a species. But what is love, and how do we know when we’re in it? …

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Valentine Day Getaway: Romantic Travel Ideas

Valentine Day Getaway: Indian Culture & Traditions

Valentine Day Getaway: We have brought you a list of romantic getaway ideas and superb vacation destinations for this Valentine’s Day. Some of them may be just by the corner of your street or even in your own backyard, while some of the other ideas are more elaborate and you will need some big money and at least a week’s …

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Valentines Day Cards For Teens & Lovers

Valentines Day Cards: Indian Culture & Traditions

Valentine Day Cards are a great way to express your love and send warm wishes to your beloved. A popular gift that lovers don’t miss out is giving beautiful cards for Valentine’s Day. Not only are these Valentines’ Day cards easily available, they are also the perfect way to tell your heart’s message to your beloved in an artistic way! …

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Valentine’s Day Advice – No, Not THAT Kind!

Valentines Day Advice

I don’t see why there is so much advice offered to single people about Valentine’s Day. They are not the ones having a hard time. Recently, Yahoo surveyed users of their Personals page, and found that Valentine’s Day is part of “National Break-Up Season,” – a time when “people tend to ‘put up’ with current relationships in order to have …

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Valentine Phobia And Love Related Fears

Valentine Phobia: Indian Culture & Tradition

Valentine Phobia And Love Related Fears: Love is perhaps the only phenomenon which strikes almost everyone on earth but could not be explained by anybody till date. “… Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or Bends with the remover to remove. O, no! It is an ever-fixed mark, That looks on tempests and is never shaken. …

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Valentine Love Symbols, Icons, Badges & Logos

Valentine Love Symbols: Indian Culture & Tradition

There is no better way than to express your love for your special one through romantic Valentine symbols. These Love symbols speak volumes about your love and are mostly successful in conveying your message in the best possible way. Given below are popular Love symbols for Valentine’s Day that should be helpful in giving you ideas of which symbol to …

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Valentine’s Day Flowers: Flowers for Valentine

Valentine's Day Flowers: Indian Culture & Traditions

The trendiest way to wish your beloved is through these popular valentine flowers. Giving flowers for Valentine’s Day became popular during the 17th century and has been continuing till this day. Valentine’s Day flowers are the perfect way to express your love and feelings to your beloved. The most traditional and popular flower is the long stemmed red Rose. This …

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