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Valentine’s Day Quotes & Popular Love Sayings

Valentine's Day Quotes & Sayings: Indian Culture & Traditions

Use one of these famous Valentine’s Day love quotes to express your love with a bunch of red roses. These romantic quotations will never fail to impress your Valentine and will make them realize how much you love them. These love quotes are funny, romantic and thought provoking and will surely make your beloved feel special and cared for. So …

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Valentines Day Invitation: Sample Invitations

Valentines Day Invitation: Indian Culture & Traditions

Valentine’s Day is the special day for couples where they plan intimate dinners and romantic nights. So, if you are planning to throw a Valentine’s Day bash for friends, do not mind if the couples arrive late to the party or leaves early, since many may want to have a private romantic date earlier or later in the evening. While …

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Valentines Day Ideas For Students & Teens

Valentines Day Ideas: Indian Culture & Traditions

The most asked and pondered over question is how to spend Valentines Day. Everyone wants to spend the day in a special way. So worry no further. We bring you many different ideas for Valentines Day and how to make it special for your special one! Check out our Valentine’s Day ideas and enjoy your day. Some Popular Valentines Day …

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Valentines Day History: Christian Culture, Trends

Valentines Day History: Indian Culture & Traditions

The history of Valentine’s Day has been a mystery till date. No one till present knows the correct information about the history and origin of Valentines Day. There are a number of legends surrounding Valentines’ Day history. Most of these stories about Valentine’s Day history have been passed on through the generations. Hence, there is bound to be some additions …

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Am I In Love? Valentine’s Day Special

Wondering whether or not you’ve found true love? For some relationships it can be hard to tell, especially if you’ve never been in love before. Ask yourself the following questions so you’ll know. #1 – Physical Responses One of the ways to know its love is by the physical responses you have to your partner when in their presence or …

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Valentines Day Greeting Cards For Teens, Lovers

Valentines Day Greeting Cards

In India, a very popular way to express your love for your beloved is by giving greeting cards for Valentine’s Day. Romantic greeting cards have been around for quite some time, though they have become immensely popular of late with lovers of all ages thronging the stores to find the best one for their beloveds. Romantic greetings are an ideal …

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वैलेंटाइन्स-डे: इस दिन न हों ये गलतियां

वैलेंटाइन्स-डे: इस दिन न हों ये गलतियां Valentines Day: Precautions & Alerts

यदि आप सिंगल हैं और आपको आशा है कि 14 फरवरी वह दिन हो सकता है जब आप और आपका जीवन साथी अंततः एक हो जांएगे तो यहां आपको सही दिशा-निर्देश पेश हैं जिनकी साथी को स्वीट रख सकते हैं या एक नए प्यार को फलने-फूलने दे सकते हैं। वैलेंटाइन्स-डे: यह कभी न भूलें 14 फरवरी को जब आप उठें …

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Cute Love Quotes: Love Text Messages, Sayings

Cute Love Quotes: Valentines Day Special

Sometimes all you need is a quick one liner to get the message across, and these cute love quote are perfect to share with someone special. Whether its to adorn an e-Card, write a romantic text message or just because, these cute love quotes are intended to bring a smile to your face and more romance into your life. Cute …

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Valentine’s Day Gift Basket: Valentines’ Baskets

Valentine's Day Gift Basket: Indian Culture & Traditions

Shower lavish affection and display your good choice on this Valentine’s Day by sending a perfect Valentine’s Day gift basket to your “someone special“. Gift baskets are a great way to express your appreciation and respect to your beloved. Pick up one of those romantic Valentines’ baskets for your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend and surprise them with your …

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Valentine’s Day Flowers: Flowers for Valentine

Valentine's Day Flowers: Indian Culture & Traditions

The trendiest way to wish your beloved is through these popular valentine flowers. Giving flowers for Valentine’s Day became popular during the 17th century and has been continuing till this day. Valentine’s Day flowers are the perfect way to express your love and feelings to your beloved. The most traditional and popular flower is the long stemmed red Rose. This …

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