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Easter Egg Coloring: Tips to Decorate Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Coloring: Christian Culture & Traditions

Easter egg coloring is an important part of Easter egg decoration. You can make traditional designs on the egg or you can try out your own artistic ideas. Even if you make a silly Easter egg, don’t worry about it, as it is a part of the total Easter fun. Hard-boiling or blowing your Easter egg before coloring it will …

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Easter Bunny Eggs: How to make Easter Bunny Egg

Easter Bunny Eggs: Culture & Traditions

Easter celebrations are all about fun and joy. The customs and traditions of Easter vary with time and from country to country. American families usually spend the Saturday evening decorating the Easter eggs. By Sunday morning they are mysteriously hidden all over the house and children get busy searching for the Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny brings treats for them …

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Easter Egg History: Christian Culture & Traditions

Easter Egg History

Easter is the time when the earth rejuvenates itself. Flowers spring forth from their buds and the earth is full of green joy. Easter was originally adapted by Christians from a Pagan festival. The egg has been a symbol of fertility and rebirth in most of the cultures all over the world. Phoenicians, Persians, Egyptians, and Hindus believed that the …

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Easter Bunny: History and Origin of Easter Bunny

Since Easter coincides with the advent of spring season, the celebrations are very colorful. Easter Bunny and the beautifully eggs brought by the legendary character add to the color and vibrancy of the festival. On the night before Easter, children eagerly wait for the furry bunny to bring colored eggs and gift baskets filled with toys and chocolates, for them. …

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Easter Cross: Significance of Easter Symbol Cross

Easter Cross: Christian Culture & Traditions

Any symbol is an arbitrary sign that has acquired significance over the ages. And Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday, is the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. And hence, the significance of Easter Cross is very high in Christian religious faith. However, this cross was the symbol of Crucifixion and not Resurrection. But Constantine, …

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Easter History: Origin of Christian Festival Easter

Easter History: Christian Culture & Traditions

Essentially a springtime festival, there has been much debate over the origin of Easter, in the religious context. However, there is a general acceptance of the proposition offered by 8th-century English scholar St. Bede, according to which, Easter owes its origin to the old Teutonic mythology. According to the mythology, the occasion was observed as a spring festival, by the …

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Easter In England: British Culture, Customs and British Traditions

Easter In England: Christian Culture & Traditions

Easter Celebration In England Easter In England: Palm Sunday The celebration of Easter in England commences a week before the day, to be specific, on Palm Sunday. The name has its origin in the Roman times, when it was a customary to welcome royalty by waving the branches of palm tree. According to the legends, Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on …

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Easter in Denmark: Easter Traditions and Celebration in Denmark

Easter in Denmark: Christian Culture & Traditions

Easter Celebration In Denmark On the eve of Easter, the Danish homes and shops are decorated in green and yellow colors. New-leaved branches and daffodils are largely used for the decorations. Easter egg is the predominant symbol of Easter in Denmark. Children usually receive Easter Eggs made of chocolate as the gifts for the festival, from their parents and grandparents. …

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Chocolate Easter Eggs: In history of Christianity and Easter Celebrations

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Easter. The first Sunday after the first full moon, immediately after the vernal equinox, is the Easter Sunday. Easter is the time for self reflection and re-evaluation of oneself. The custom of Easter egg is historically associated with a pagan celebration of spring and fertility which was later incorporated into Christianity. No matter …

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