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हनुमान और सुरसा का शिक्षाप्रद प्रंसग

हनुमान जी भगवान राम के परम् भक्त थे। जब लंका का राजा रावण सीता को हर कर ले गया तो राम और लक्ष्मण वन वन सीता को खोजने लगे। एक दिन वे घूमते हुए किष्कंधा पहुचे। वहाँ उनकी उनकी भेंट हनुमान से हुई। हनुमान सुग्रीव के मंत्री थे। उन्होंने सुग्रीव के साथ राम लक्ष्मण की मित्रता कराई। सुग्रीव ने सीता …

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Christmas Carol of the Birds: Christmas Folktale

The Christmas Carol of the Birds

Do you know, when we are having such good times at Christmas, what sweet music they have in Norway (Europe), that cold country across the sea? One day in the year the simple peasants who live there make the birds very happy, so that they sing, of their own free-will, a glad, joyous carol on Christmas morning. And this is …

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Sparrows’ Holiday: Christmas Folktale for Kids

Short Christmas Story for Children: The Sparrows' Holiday

Mr. and Mrs. House Sparrow hopped round the garden looking for crumbs. But alas! Nobody threw any crumbs for the sparrows that day: At last Mr. Sparrow said: “All the people must be away on holiday.” “Then why don’t we go away on holiday?” chirped Mrs. Sparrow. Mr. Sparrow cocked his head on one side. “Yes, we will have a …

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