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Sonu and Monu

Sonu understood Frisky’s point and began to do as she had advised...

Author: Raj Kumar Jain

Last Updated On: Thursday, April 5, 2007


Sonu and Monu were 2 pigeons, which lived on a tree in a forest. Sonu was very hard working and Monu was lazy. While Sonu spent his time, searching for his food, Monu would just sleep the whole daylong.

When Sonu returned, Monu would ask him to give him some grains. Since Sonu was kind and friendly, he would share his food with Monu without a murmur.

Sonu would start building a cosy nest for himself well before the rains started while Monu just passed his time, sitting idle. And when the rainy season came, he would flatter Sonu to allow him to take shelter in his nest.

In this manner, Monu would enjoy food and living in Sonu’s nest, without doing anything while Sonu worked hard to survive.

One day, Frisky Sparrow came to live on that tree. Sonu and Monu were both very happy to have her company.

After a few days, Sonu told Frisky about Monu’s laziness. “You are at greater fault than Monu,” said Frisky.

”How can you say this?” asked Sonu, feeling confused.

”You have spoiled him. Why do you share your food and give him shelter in your nest?” asked Frisky.

”If I don’t give him food, he will starve to death.”

”How can you say this? Can’t he go and search for his food?”

”Yes, I suppose so,” said Sonu, lowering his head.

”Then why do you give him food? If you stop giving him anything to eat, he will have to work to feed himself,” explained Frisky.

Sonu understood Frisky’s point and began to do as she had advised. He stopped sharing his food with Monu. The lazy Monu remained without food for 3 days but on the forth day he could no longer sit idle. He went out in search of food and in the evening he returned only after he had gathered some morsels.

Seeing this, Sonu felt very happy. Now the food he had brought would suffice him for 2 days.

When the rains came, Sonu did not allow Monu to come to his nest. The lazy Monu had to spend the entire season, getting wet in the rain.

However next year, he also built a beautiful nest well before the rains started.

Seeing that even Monu had become hard working, Frisky said to Sonu, “By helping him and fulfilling all his needs, you had spoiled him.”

Sonu agreed and said, “I thought I was being helpful!”