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Kesiya - The miser

Then Kesiya’s wife started making a small pooda but every time she found that she could not make a small pooda for that guest because...

Author: Manpreet > Illustrations by Amarjeet Malik

Last Updated On: Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Kesiya - The MiserOnce upon a time, there lived a man named Kesiya. He was very miser. He was employed by the king as treasurer.

One day while coming back from his duty, he saw a man-eating poodas. After seeing him, he thought that he had also not eaten poodas from long time and he’ll ask his wife to make poodas. But being miser, he kept quite.

When Kesiya reached home, he was unhappy. His wife asked him, "You look very sad, what is the reason?"

"Nothing dear", Said Kesiya.

"Definitely there is something wrong with you. Is the king angry with you? Please tell me, what is the matter?" his wife said.

"My dear, if you want to know the fact, then listen. I have a hearty desire to eat poodas", Kesiya said.

"It is all. All right I will make some poodas for you right now", Answered Kesiya’s wife. "And also for whole neighbourhood."

"What you said? Have you lost your senses?" said Kesiya being a miser.

"All right, I will make for ourselves only", Replied wife.

"Ourselves, you mean children also. Leave the children out of the house".

"Then I will prepare it for you and me only", Said wife.

Pooda"What? You also do not eat poodas." Ordered Kesiya, "prepare for me only. Moreover, we must be careful in preparing poodas. If you make it in kitchen, the smell of the poodas will attract the whole neighbourhood and then we will have to give them some quantity. I think to avoid all this, take everything of preparation to the terrace and there you can make poodas very nicely."

Then they tool the utensils and other things required making poodas at the terrace and wife started preparing poodas.

After some time Kesiya asked whether the poodas are ready. The Poodas were ready but they were hot. Suddenly, a guest came on the terrace. Kesiya asked, " who are you? What do you want? Go away".

But the guest came closer to him. He then shouted, "I will not give you even one poodas if you were standing on the same terrace".

The guest came then closer to him. Kesiya again shouted, "If you were standing beside me".

The wife noticed the guest and told Kesiya," Give him a small pooda. After taking that, he will go away".

"Then make a small poodas for him." Said Kesiya.

Then Kesiya’s wife started making a small pooda but every time she found that she could not make a small pooda for that guest because everytime that small pooda turned into big pooda.

The wife was making poodas and keeping them but they all stuck together, when she tried to take one for the guest.

Kesiya then thought that we are not dealing with an ordinary human being. He gave all the poodas to that guest. The guest accepted the poodas and said, "I don’t want these poodas for myself. I want them for my Lord Buddha and his followers. They are waiting for me".

"You said, Lord Buddha!" Kesiya astonished and bowed to guest’s feet. Then guest also told Kesiya to come with him to meet Lord Buddha. And finally miser Kesiya and his wife reached the place where Lord Buddha was discoursing to his followers. Lord Buddha accepted the offering of Poodas. They all were distributed among his followers. And after distributing to all, the pooda tray was as full as it was before distributing to the disciples of Lord Buddha. Kesiya saw all this strange things. It was just like a wonder for him and his wife.

And then Kesiya returned home with his wife with a totally changed personality. He was no longer a miser man. He decided "that everything, which his wife will prepare, he will distribute them definitely in his neighbourhood".