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Asliyat Yon Khuli  - Hindi
In certain circumstances a detective have to lead a dual identity life style. Will an Indian detective be able to prove his identity as an Indian or will he be called Pakistani?
Special Occasion > 15th August
Kalyani > India

The New Tenant
But what was this? The policemen had taken out, not handcuffs, but a piece of paper and was showing it to Gopi's father....
Children > Mystery
Delhi > India

Jasoosi Katha Kisson Ka Parkashan Kaise Hua?
Daniel Good murdered his wife and flee, but was caught by the police detectives very soon. This was Londonís first accuse to be caught so quickly.

Aankhon Ne Pakadwaya Apradhi Ko
There was no evidence and no witness to the murder, but still the detective with his scientific knowledge saw the murderer in the victimís eyes, the murderer was then caught...



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