A story is defined as a narrative or tale of real or fictitious events. Stories are a nourishment for our hungry souls. Often stories we regard as fiction have elements of truth dressed up to make them more palatable. Stories are magic, taking us everywhere: backwards, forwards or happening right in the present time, transporting us to many places and situations we might never go.


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Shabdon Ka Jaadu  - Hindi
It's not that easier to get rid of bad habits, but sometimes well said words do wonders...
Patiala > India

Puraskar  - Hindi
Inspirational story of a brave girl who saved a small child...
Patiala > India

Nazar - A short Hindi story of a cow  - Hindi
Mangal - the cow was not well, and the owner Ramesh was unable to find the reason...
Animal > Cow

Maile Kapde  - Hindi
A Zen Story in Hindi
Osaka > Japan

Jo Chahoge So Paoge  - Hindi
Inspirational short Hindi story about a beggar...
Raigarh > India

Beggar's Self Respect  - Hindi
Inspirational Short Hindi Story about a beggar...
Raigarh > India

Manushya Ki Keemat  - Hindi
Motivational Short Hindi Story about Importance of a Human Being
Chhattisgarh > India

Daanv Pench [Manoeuver]  - Hindi
Short motivational Hindi story about a greedy wrestler...
New Delhi > India

Little Match-Seller
She lighted another match, and then she found herself sitting under a beautiful Christmas-tree. It was larger and more beautifully decorated than the one which she had seen through the glass door at the rich merchant's...
Festivals > Christmas
Copenhagen > Denmark

The Dolls' Christmas Party
The week before Christmas, and the dolls In the toy-shop played together all night.
Festivals > Christmas
New York > USA



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