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A Test of Strength
Took everything for a test of strength...

The Doves
A couple of Pat's doves flew into George's aviary, and began to build a nest. The poor boy thought: "How happy I would be if they were mine...

Ali Cogia and the Thousand Pieces of Gold
Ali Cogia had saved one thousand pieces of gold. He put this gold into a big jar of clay. On top he put some olives. He sealed the jar and took it to a merchant friend...

The Field
All you need do is to go every day and dig up as much ground as your lazy body occupies lying on the ground in the shade...

The Fisherman and The Thief
He screamed and threw the snake back into the water. He got to his feet and was about to run off home when he saw Andrew, the old fisherman...

The Flute Player
It is an old flute. But the old ones are best. I found it lying in a field last year. Perhaps it was God Krishna's! He was always playing the flute.'...

A Wisp of Straw
After lunch, Nani cleared the kitchen and lay down for a nap. Pinky waited till...

The Cock
The girls used to get mad at the bird and they said: "If it weren't for that dreadful cock, we could sleep a little longer...

The Handicap
Uttam was determined that next year they would win the championship and he would be the architect of their victory...

The Haunted Lake
The lake bed is full of thorny bushes. Our ball is caught in the thorns. We must get another ball. There is no ghost in the lake...



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