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Remotely Thanks Giving
Jessie are you sure you don't know where the TV remote is, Bob asked her for the hundredth time...
Festivals > Thanksgiving Day
California > USA

Who ate the Pumpkin Pie
It was thanksgiving day and the whole family had gotten together...
Festivals > Thanksgiving Day
New York > USA

The Mystery of the Pilgrim Quilt
Ms. Bradford entered the classroom clenching onto a large black bag...
Festivals > Thanksgiving Day
New York > USA

The Thanksgiving Goose
I would rather have turkey. Turkey is best for Thanksgiving, anyway. Goose is for Christmas...
Festivals > Thanksgiving Day
Chicago > USA

The First Thanksgiving
After landing in Plymouth, the Pilgrims had to struggle to survive through their first wretched and miserable winter in Massachusetts...
Festivals > Thanksgiving Day
Massachusetts > USA

Bert's Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Short Story
Festivals > Thanksgiving Day
Boston > USA

One Halloween Night
Five boys hurriedly put on their Halloween costumes while chattering away with delight in anticipation of one of their favorite holidays...
Festivals > Halloween
New Hampshire > USA

Last Ride
Madge sat astride the enchanted broom, and up she flew to meet with her fellow sisters of the coven...
Festivals > Halloween
London > United Kingdom

The Legend of Bride's Head Bridge
Short Halloween Childrens Story
Festivals > Halloween
Hanover > Germany

Lonely Ghost Story
The stories will also help you make the over-active children sit quiet for sometime...
Festivals > Halloween
Scotland > United Kingdom



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