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Wisdom Story About Size of Lord Ganesha's Idol: My Ganesha

My Ganesha – Manjari Shukla

“How imposing and magnificent is this idol of Lord Ganpati” little Rohan asked his mother without moving his eyes from the imposing statue of Lord Ganesha.

“Yes of course son. It is indeed quite splendid” his mother Kamla answered while mopping the floor.

“Oh mother at least give it a glance” little Rohan insisted.

Kamla turned her head and looked at the idol with faint smile on her face and engrossed herself in the task once again.

Kamla was engaged at a palatial bungalow for carrying out sweeping and mopping jobs. Sometimes her son also accompanied her.

After she had finished the work and they were preparing to return home, she asked Rohan, “Let us also get an idol of Lord Ganpati from the market.”

“Oh yes mom, we will also bring Ganpati to our home” Rohan agreed to the proposal.

Her mother smiled back in acceptance. Together they proceeded to the market where a number of shops were beautifully decked up and different idols of Lord Ganesha in various sizes and colours were stacked. Rohan was enamoured by the attractive looks and colours of the idols. After lot of bargaining with one shopkeeper, Kamla
selected on small idol. She showed it to Rohan, “This idol with yellow outfit and golden stars, looks quite beautiful.”

The idol was quite appealing but the small size of idol was not upto the liking of Rohan and he felt a little disappointed.

Kamla could gauze the feelings of his son but with limited resources, it was the best she could have done.

When they reached home, Kamla cleaned a corner their house and placed the idol of Lord Ganpati over a tabouret covered with red cloth. She then left to finish off her remaining engagements.

Rohan was quite exhausted so he sat down in front of the idol and started admiring the idol with great attention.

Suddenly he realized that a wall of smoke had been created and Lord Ganpati was emerging out of the middle of the wall.

When Lord Ganpati acme and stood right opposite him, he felt so surprised that his throat choked. He stammered, “Lord you have started walking as well. I have always seen you sitting”.

“Why not? When I find a young and innocent kid like you feeling sad, I always enquire for the reason” Lord replied.

“Why are you feeling so sad?” Lord Ganpati asked Rohan.

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