Bertie’s Christmas Storynory

Bertie’s Christmas Storynory

Everybody was used to Little Tim asking Stupid questions, but Prince Bertie was amazed that his friend hadn’t heard of Christmas.

“You don’t know about Christmas, young Tim,” boomed Bertie.

“My, my. I’ll show you. Let’s go over to the palace.”

“But I can’t walk,” said Tim. “I haven’t got any legs.”

So Tim climbed onto Bertie’s back, and then Bertie hopped up the garden to the palace. Tim was a bit frightened, because he had never left the pond before.

“Hold on there, little Tim,” boomed Bertie as he leapt up onto a ledge.

They looked through the window. Tim was amazed, as he saw the Christmas tree with the lights sparkling on it. And he saw all the children opening their presents, and the huge feast on the table. “I’ve never seen anything so magical, Bertie,” he said. “How I wish we could have Christmas down on the pond.”

And Bertie felt a little tear in his froggy eye as he thought of all the lovely Christmases he had enjoyed when he was a prince, opening hundreds of presents, and stuffing himself with chocolates and mince pies and cake until he felt quite sick. And he remembered how in the afternoon, when he had taken his nap, he would go out onto the Balcony of the Palace and make a Special Christmas Speech to all Crowds of people who came to see him. “May you all be happy this coming year”, he would say, “And thank you for all the toys and lovely presents you sent me for Christmas.”

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