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How to Send Text Message from Computer

Those thinking how to SMS text message from computer to mobile, should know the appropriate SMS gateway address of the recipient's cell phone carrier...

Last Updated On: Thursday, July 29, 2010


How to Send Text Message from ComputerText messaging lets you to provide a quick snippet of information, ask a question or let someone know you're running late without intruding up on a meeting, movie or errand. However, if your cell phone isn't handy, you can send a text without using your phone. Using your email account, send a text message to avoid having a friend wait for you, or use it to send a quick answer without interruption.

1: Send a text message using the proper format or using a generic format. Use the format specific to the recipient's cell phone provider, if you know it.

2: Send an email via SMS (Short Message Service) specifying the provider. For example, Verizon customers can receive texts sent to; AT&T customers can receive texts sent to and Sprint customers can receive texts sent to

If you don't know the provider, send the email to

3: Compose the email with the phone number and provider or generic service and hit "Send" for the text to be sent from your computer.


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