Jayalalithaa Jayaraman Quotes in English

Jayalalithaa Jayaraman Quotes in English

Jayalalithaa Jayaraman (24 February 1948 – 5 December 2016) was an Indian actor and politician who served five terms as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, for over fourteen years between 1991 and 2016. She was a leading actress before her entry into politics and appeared in 140 films from 1961 to 1980 in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi industries.

  • In time, people of Tamil Nadu will never have the need to opt for freebies as there will be plenty for them.
  • The people of Tamil Nadu should never end up in a situation looking to opt for things or help. I have a desire to see this kind of situation in my life.
  • Making Tamil Nadu the best state in India is the deepest desire of Amma.
  • On the whole of India, making Tamil Nadu the best place for investors is the vision of government.
  • The ultimate goal of AIADMK
    • Our Goals are higher!
    • Our visions are clear! &
    • Our victory is decided
  • For those who trusted my words and voted for me, have faith in me! I will fulfill the promises I made and consider this as my sacred duty. I have never failed to fulfill the expectations of the poor people.
  • First things first! AIADMK has always been truthful to the people of Tamil Nadu, and so we are rewarded us with the sign of victory. The trust they had, the great support they gave, are the two great reasons for us to take charge of the administrative power back again.
  • Those who receive the benefits of the government welfare schemes should make full use of it and keep progressing in life.
  • The great goals of this government are to make Tamil Nadu as the number one state of India and take Tamil Nadu through the path of development.
  • The Government’s priority is to provide the state’s economic development programs. At the same time, public welfare schemes in order to benefit all the people, i.e., inclusive growth and economic development measures to be taken by my Government.
  • The number does not matter.  Our only aim is to bring down the DMK government.
  • The AIADMK members will vote for the passage of the bill in the current session of Parliament.
  • It has been my wish that the long-pending demand for reservation of one third of seats in Parliament and state legislature for women should be fulfilled. AIADMK will extend its support to the measure.
  • The problem in Sri Lanka was triggered only because the Tamils of the island were relegated, post-independence, to the status of secondary citizens in their own homeland. Decimation of the LTTE or the killing of its leaders will not wipe away the injustice meted out to this large community which had its roots in Sri Lanka.
  • Money power has won over democracy.
  • It is shameful that Union Home Minister P Chidambaram was declared elected after some tricks even after news came that AIADMK nominee Raja Kannappan had won from Sivaganga. Even In Villupuram and Tiruchirapalli, there was delay in issuing the certificates to the winning AIADMK candidates.
  • There are feelers from many places. I am not responding to them now. Everything depends on the election results. If the results are as expected then I will go to Delhi.
  • Overtures are being made by many parties but I am not responding to overtures right now.
  • What is the mystery behind the meeting and who gave permission for it? Karunanidhi should reveal what transpired at the meeting to the world.
  • If a (party or alliance) that heeds our demands comes to power at the centre, I assure you that I shall take steps to create a Tamil Eelam in the same way as Indira Gandhi liberated Bangladesh.
  • We will respect international laws and norms just as Indira Gandhi did… Her son Rajiv Gandhi too sent the Indian Peace Keeping Forces into Sri Lanka.
  • I’m a bit unconventional for a politician. The rule of the game seems to require considerable play-acting. I have acted in films before the cameras but I’m incapable of acting in real life.
  • I am a self-made woman. Politics has for long been a male bastion. Mrs. Indira Gandhi changed all that, but still you must remember that Mrs. Indira Gandhi had all the inbuilt advantages. She had the advantage of being born in the [Nehru Family].

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