Thanksgiving Day Quiz

Thanksgiving is a day rich in traditions, but how much does your family know about those traditions? These trivia questions are a great way to get conversations started and to test your family member’s smarts. Some fun ideas for using these questions include, writing the questions on cards with the answers on the back and placing them around the appetizer buffet, or you could hold a trivia contest after dinner with the winner being exempt from kitchen clean up.

  1. Which Native American tribe celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims?
  2. What year was the first Thanksgiving held?
  3. Which president made the first Thanksgiving day proclamation?
  4. In 1941, congress declared Thanksgiving day to be held on what Thursday in November?
  5. Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade started during which decade?
  6. Which ship did the Pilgrims sail on to Plymouth Rock?
  7. Which historical figure wanted the turkey to be the national bird?
  8. Which President set the official celebration day for Thanksgiving as the last Thursday?
  9. Turkey should be cooked to what degree Fahrenheit?
  10. How many Turkeys are cooked in the US for Thanksgiving each year?

Check Answers!

  1. The Wampanoag Indians

  2. 1621

  3. George Washington

  4. The fourth Thursday

  5. The 1920’s

  6. The Mayflower

  7. Benjamin Franklin

  8. Abraham Lincoln

  9. 165 degrees Fahrenheit

  10. 45 million

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