Baisakhi Quiz - Tenth guru of sikhs

Baisakhi Quiz: Tenth Sikh Guru Quiz For Students And Children

Baisakhi Quiz – Tenth Guru of Sikhs — It’s time to check out yourself how much you know about Baisakhi festival. Vaisakhi observes major events in the history of Sikhism and the Indian subcontinent that happened in the Punjab region. On Vaisakhi, Gurdwaras are decorated and hold kirtans, Sikhs visit and bathe in lakes or rivers before visiting local Gurdwaras, community fairs and nagar kirtan processions are held, and people gather to socialise and share festive foods. For people of Punjab, the festival is their traditional solar new year, a harvest festival and they may visit temples, meet friends and party over festive foods.

This date is also celebrated in other cultures such as and Hinduism. The first day of Vaisakh marks the traditional solar new year and it is an ancient festival that predates the founding of Sikhism. The harvest is complete and crops ready to sell, representing a time of plenty for the farmers. Fairs and special thanksgiving pujas (prayers) are common in the Hindu tradition.

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