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What is Bafana Bafana and how does it get its name?

The word Bafana is a Zulu word, plural for umfaan, meaning boy...

Last Updated On: Sunday, May 16, 2010


The word ‘Bafana’ is a Zulu word, plural for ‘umfaan’, meaning boy. There is also a movie about Mandela in jail called “Goodbye Bafana”. Bafana Bafana is the national football team of South Africa and is controlled by the South African Football Association, which will be hosting the 19th FIFA World Cup in June 2010. Bafana Bafana, meaning Boys Boys, was coined by three Sowetan sports reporters in 1992, shortly after the readmission of South Africa to world football. South African football team members wear blazers with a springbok on the left breast pocket and are also referred to as Springboks.


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