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Love Is Knocking On the Door

It is a silent communication...

Author: Khushbu Nanavati > A young creative 17 year old writer from Mumbai, India. []

Last Updated On: Saturday, February 14, 2015


Love is knocking on the door,
Knock! Knock! Comes the sound,
Donít open it in haste, think before,
Then open your arms to it or turn around.
Love is pain,
Yet it gives pleasure,
Love drains away like the falling rain,
Yet is more precious than a treasure.
Love is stark madness,
Love is a passion,
It is achy like an abscess,
It is a silent communication.
Love is still knocking on the door,
Open it or keep it closed,
It wonít knock again on your door,
Leave it or be someoneís beloved.


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