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Grandparents Are Special People

A beautiful illustration of grandparents and their love towards grandchildren. Grandparents are special and are full of wisdom and pride. No doubt, they are the most special people in our life. They don't discriminate on the basis of the age or sex of their grandchildren. For them, all of them are equally lovable...

Author: Stacy Smith

Last Updated On: Saturday, September 12, 2009


Grandparents are special people
With wisdom and pride.
They are always offering love and kindness
And are always there to guide.

They often make you feel so confident
And strong.
Their arms are always open
No matter what you did wrong.

They try to help out in every way
That they can.
They love all their grandchildren the same
Whether you're a child, woman or man.

They are always there to listen
And to lend a helping hand.
They show you respect
And they try to understand.

They give their love, devotion and so much more,
That's easy to see.
Grandparents, what perfect examples
Of the kind of person that we should be.


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