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A Poem On Gandhiji

It was vacation, and I had nothing to do...

Last Updated On: Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It was vacation, and I had nothing to do;

I was at home and mummy daddy too;

My glance caught a sketch, of an old person;

He appeared to be the gentlest under the sun;

Strikingly, different was the expression in his Eyes;

Suddenly I felt guilty of all my lies;

His lips parted in a smile, so pure

He left me spellbound that’s for sure

“Who is he dad?” was my question

“Come on, don’t you know?” “was his reaction

He is the one who has set us free;

He is the one who has planted the tree;

He is the one, who was bold enough;

Firm and stubborn but never rough;

Truth and non-violence is what he taught

Same were the principles for which he fought

Preaching and practices for once were the same

His deed were worth name and fame

I have never seen a soul, so tall;

Oh dad; he appears to be the father of all

“You said it, child” said my dad

‘Bapu’ is the name he always had

I saw the sketch again and again,

His returning smile was my greatest gain,

October 2nd was the day my friends

That certainly changed my life’s trends


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