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Aai Hai Holi  - Hindi
Holi festival has come. Everybody is in great mood to celebrate it...
Festivals > Holi
New Delhi > India

Ritu Holi ki Aai  - Hindi
Spring Festival of India - Holi - Fun filled festival with colors and water balloons...
Festivals > Holi
Mumbai > India

Uff Yeh Pyaas  - Hindi
Short Hindi Poem about feeling thirsty during summers
Classic > Life & Time
Ludhiana > India

Paani Aur Dhoop  - Hindi
Poem depicts the desire of a child to learn the use of sword...
Classic > Patriotic
Allahabad > India

If God Is..........
Brother and Sister. I Love and Share.
User Submitted > Love
New Delhi > India

I am holding holy water of Ganga in my hands...
Classic > Patriotic
New Delhi > India

Chori Ka Gangajal
I have bought the holy water to clean the country...
Classic > Patriotic
New Delhi > India

Seepon Se Moti Pane Ko
Next generation poem about water and its creature shells...

The Indian Elephant
To the water they make their way, To wash the mud off in the spray

Paani Ko Saheje
Hindi poem about importance of water in our life



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