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Lakdi Ki Kathi - Kathi Pe Ghoda  - Hindi
Children's Day funny song from hindi film 'Masoom'
Songs > Childrens Day
Mumbai > India

Halloween Poem for Nursery / Preschool Children
Festivals > Halloween
New Jersey > USA

The Pumpkins Are Here
Sing Halloween poem on the tune of
Festivals > Halloween

Rang Udaati Aai Holi  - Hindi
Holi Special poem by young poetess from New Jersey...
Festivals > Holi
Brij > India

Hum Sab Suman Ek Upvan Ke  - Hindi
Devotional poems for School Children
Festivals > Gandhi Jayanti
New Delhi > India

Chinese New Year
Here come the new years- on the tunes of Old MacDonald Had a Farm...
Festivals > New Year
Beijing > China

Months in the Year
Pre-school poetry for children to recite names of months...
Festivals > New Year
New Delhi > India

Next Millennium
We enter into the next millennium...
Festivals > New Year

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
In a one-horse open sleigh - Dashing through the snow
Festivals > Christmas
Mumbai > India

Christmas  - Hindi
Hindi poem about Christmas
Festivals > Christmas
New Delhi > India



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