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Happy Holi
The trees smile with their sprout of tender leaves and blooming flowers...
Festivals > Holi
New Delhi > India

She Was a Phantom of Delight
A lovely Apparition, sent To be a moment's ornament...
Festivals > Valentines day
London > United Kingdom

Nature we should all respect...
Special Occasion > Earth Day
New Delhi > India

In Tune With Mother Nature
If you listen for the songbirds as they greet the summer sun...
Special Occasion > Earth Day
New Delhi > India

On the nature of love
I see that instant I fall in love with
Classic > Inspirational
Kolkata > India

What makes a dad
Learn how God created a perfect father - Step By Step
Special Occasion > Fathers Day
New Delhi > India

A symbolic poetry of wind storm...
Classic > Life & Time
New Delhi > India

Shauk Gulabi Pankhudion Ka
Symbol of true love
Classic > Love
New Delhi > India

Sandhaya Sundari
A hindi poem describing the changing colors of nature

Smell of Mother Nature



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