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Aa Rahi Ravi Ki Savari  - Hindi
Motivational Hindi poem by Harivansh Rai Bachchan
Classic > Inspirational
Mumbai > India

Rang Duniya Ne Dikhaya Hai Nirala  - Hindi
Motivational Hindi Poetry by Kumar Vishwas
Classic > Inspirational
Ghaziabad > India

O Kalpavriksha Ki Sonjuhi  - Hindi
Motivational short Hindi poetry by Kumar Vishwas
Classic > Love
Ghaziabad > India

Jhansi Ki Rani  - Hindi
Rani of Jhansi was unhappy about being forcibly retired by the British in 1853, so when the Indian Mutiny burst into flame four years later, she was in the forefront of the rebellion at Jhansi. The British contingent in Jhansi were massacred, but the following year the rebel forces were still quarrelling among themselves and the British retook Jhansi. The rani fled to Gwalior and, in a valiant last stand, she rode out against the British, disguised as a man, and was killed. She has since become a heroine of the Indian independence movement, a sort of central Indian Joan of Arc.
Classic > Patriotic
Jhansi > India

Hindustan Ke Liye  - Hindi
Poet is disturbed with the current situation of our 'Hindustan'
Classic > Life & Time
Delhi > India

Haldi Ghati  - Hindi
Another Masterpiece by 'Shayam Narayan Panday'
Classic > Inspirational
Udaipur > India

Kavi Kabhi Roya Nahi Karta
Poets Never Cry
Classic > Inspirational
New Delhi > India



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