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Praying Girl  - Hindi
Indian devotee girl asking her mother for a little brother...
Festivals > Raksha Bandhan
New Delhi > India

The hand who rocks the cradle...rules the world
User Submitted > Mothers Day
Gurgaon > India

Mom - A Shining Star
Mother's Day Special: Mom you really are a star, my mother mentor and friend
User Submitted > Mothers Day
Chennai > India

Maa Ki Mamta  - Hindi
Mother's Day Special: Indian Hindi Poem about motherhood
User Submitted > Mothers Day
Patna > India

Maa Ka Roop  - Hindi
Mother is other form of God, and all mothers are greatest and to be loved...
User Submitted > Mothers Day
New Delhi > India

Maa  - Hindi
God Could Not Be Everywhere, So He Created Mothers...
User Submitted > Mothers Day
Mumbai > India

I Remember Mama
I remember mama, And the love that she gave Kneeling by her bed side...
Songs > Mothers Day
Durham > USA



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