Collection of poems for children and teens include evergreen classic poetry as well as new poems on a variety of themes. You will find original juvenile poetry about trees, animals, parties, school, friendship and many more subjects. We have short poems, long poems, funny poems, inspirational poems, poems about environment, poems you can recite...


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Baisakhi: The New Season  - Punjabi
Stretching, rubbing my eyes, With a wide yawn, i fill my lungs, With freshness of meadows...
Festivals > Baisakhi
Ludhiana > India

Rabb Har Saal  - Punjabi
Rabb Har Saal Ehoji Baisakhi Lyaavey, Mennu milyaa meraa maahi mele vich, Rabb har saal ehoji baisakhi lyaavey...
Festivals > Baisakhi
Chandigarh > India

Baisakhi: Dhand Dee Laa  - Punjabi
Dhand dee laa ke chadar, Phullan nu jadd khid khid hasee aandee hai...
Festivals > Baisakhi
Amritsar > India

I bow to the Arahants
A short Mahavir Jayanti prayer...
Bhajans > Mahavir Jayanti
Kanakpur > India

Navkar Mantra
The Navkar Mantra is the most fundamental mantra in Jainism...
Prayers > Mahavir Jayanti
Jaisalmer > India

Ram Ji Ki Nikli Sawari  - Hindi
Devotional Song 'Ram Ji Ki Nikli Sawari' from movie 'Sargam'
Songs > Diwali
Mumbai > India

Kabhi Ram Ban Ke Kabhi Shyam Banke  - Hindi
Indian Traditional Bhajan praising Lord Rama and Krishna...
Bhajans > Diwali
Mumbai > India

Bolo Ram Jai Jai Ram  - Hindi
Beautiful Bhajan of lord Sri Rama sung by the legendary singer Jagjit Singh
Bhajans > Diwali
Mumbai > India

Hey Ram Hey Ram  - Hindi
Dussehra Devotional Bhajans
Bhajans > Diwali
Ayodhya > India

Gilhari - Short Hindi Poem for Kids  - Hindi
Funny - Quirky short Hindi Poem on squirrel
Ludhiana > India



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