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O Paalanharee  - Hindi
Classical Hindi Bhajan from Bollywood hit 'Lagaan'
Bhajans > Janmashtami
Champaran > India

Aisi Laagi Lagan Meera Ho Gai Magan  - Hindi
Meerabai Bhajan
Bhajans > Janmashtami
Mathura > India

Hey Govinda Hey Gopala  - Punjabi
You are the Master of the breath of life, the Companion of the lost and forsaken, the Destroyer of the pains of the poor...
Bhajans > Janmashtami
Amritsar > India

Maiya Mori Main Nahin Makhan Khayo  - Hindi
Janmashtami Special Bal Krishan Bhajan
Bhajans > Janmashtami
Mathura > India

Sri Krishan Aarti  - Hindi
Bhajans > Janmashtami
Mathura > India

Strange Is The Path Of Love
Do not mention the name of love, O my simple-minded companion...
Bhajans > Janmashtami
Nagaur > India

Mine Is Gopal
At some time Meera declared herself a disciple of the guru Raidas. She considered herself to be a reborn gopi, Lalita, mad with love for Krishna...
Bhajans > Janmashtami
Pali District > India



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