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Truth after all can never die...
Festivals > Eid
Delhi > India

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the fasting of Ramadan...
Festivals > Eid
Manchester > United Kingdom

Holiday symbolizes the breaking of the fasting period. It is celebrated starting on the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal...
Festivals > Eid
Dubai > United Arab Emirates

Awareness is the path of immortality; thoughtlessness is the path of death...
Festivals > Buddha Jayanti
Lumbini > Nepal

Buddha in Glory
Center of all centers, core of cores, almond self-enclosed, and growing sweet...
Festivals > Buddha Jayanti
Bodhgaya > India

To A Buddha Seated On A Lotus
Lord Buddha, on thy Lotus-throne, with praying eyes and hands elate...
Festivals > Buddha Jayanti
New Delhi > India

Short poem for Buddha Purnima festival...
Festivals > Buddha Jayanti
New Delhi > India

Naya Saal  - Hindi
Short Hindi Poetry for Happy New Year
Festivals > New Year
New Delhi > India

Baisakhi: Dhand Dee Laa  - Punjabi
Dhand dee laa ke chadar, Phullan nu jadd khid khid hasee aandee hai...
Festivals > Baisakhi
Amritsar > India

Rabb Har Saal  - Punjabi
Rabb Har Saal Ehoji Baisakhi Lyaavey, Mennu milyaa meraa maahi mele vich, Rabb har saal ehoji baisakhi lyaavey...
Festivals > Baisakhi
Chandigarh > India



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