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चक्के में चक्का, चक्के पे गाड़ी - शैलेन्द्र

चक्के में चक्का, चक्के पे गाड़ी: शैलेन्द्र

चक्के में चक्का, चक्के पे गाड़ी
गाड़ी में निकली, अपनी सवारी
थोड़े अगाड़ी, थोड़े पिछाड़ी

चुन्नू छबीले, मुन्नू हठीले
मखमल की टोपी, छोटू रंगीले
लल्लू बटाटा, लल्ली टमाटा
कामा बनेंगे गट्टू गठीले
पेट में इनकी लम्बी सी दाढ़ी
चक्के में चक्का…

उमर में कच्चे, ये छोटे बच्चे
हैं भोले भाले, हैं सीधे सच्चे
ठानेंगे जो भी कर के रहेंगे
ये अपनी धुन के, हैं पूरे पक्के
कोई ना समझे इनको अनाड़ी
चक्के में चक्का…

लम्बा सफ़र है, टेढ़ी डगर है
मंज़िल है मुश्किल, गिरने का डर है
पर ना रुकेंगे, चलते चलेंगे
ये सारी दुनिया, अब अपना घर है
हार न मानेंगे, ये खिलाड़ी
चक्के में चक्का…

∼ शैलेन्द्र

चित्रपट : ब्रह्मचारी (१९६८)
गीतकार : शैलेन्द्र
संगीतकार : शंकर-जयकिशन
गायक : मो. रफ़ी
सितारे : शम्मी कपूर

Brahmachari is a 1968 Indian film. Written by Sachin Bhowmick, it is a G. P. and Ramesh Sippy production directed by Bhappi Sonie. The film stars Shammi Kapoor, Rajshree, Pran, Mumtaz, Jagdeep, Sachin and Asit Sen. The music was by Shankar Jaikishan. The film became a box office hit and won several awards, including Filmfare Best Movie Award.

It was later remade in Tamil as Enga Mama (1970) and in Telugu as Devudu Mamayya (1981).

Brahmachari (Shammi Kapoor), an orphan with no identity, takes care of many orphans in his home. Being poor, it is hard for him to take care of their every need.

One day he saves a young woman Sheetal (Rajshree) from committing suicide. She’s in love with Ravi Khanna (Pran) who is promiscuous. Brahmachari promises to unite her with Ravi in return for money. Day and night he works on her appearance to make Ravi like her, but Brahmachari falls in love with her along the way. When Ravi proposes to Sheetal, she realises she loves Brahmachari. Ravi, however, brings in pressure on Brahmachari in terms of forfeiture of the mortgage on Brahmachari’s house, due to non-repayment of loans. Ravi convinces Brahmachari into giving up Sheetal by promising to repay the mortgage dues in exchange, to which Brahmachari reluctantly agrees. In order to convince Sheetal, Brahmachari pretends to be romantically involved with Rupa. However, when Rupa tries to leave her newborn child at Brahmachari’s house, Brahmachari finds out that the child’s father is Ravi. He also gets hold of love letters written by Ravi to Rupa, which he intends to use to convince Ravi to marry Rupa. Ravi however doesn’t relent and instead orders the kidnapping of Brahmachari’s orphans. A fight ensues and the children are rescued. A repentant Ravi apologizes to Brahmachari and agrees to marry Rupa. Brahmachari and Sheetal get married and along with the children, set off on a road trip in Brahmachari’s car.

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