Jimmy The SnailJimmy the snail was a very slow walker,
A very slow eater, a very slow talker.
It took him ten minutes to climb up a flower,
And eating a leaf, that took him an hour!
It really was lucky his house was his shell
Or going to bed would take hours as well.
When others said: “Jimmy, why are you so slow?”
He’d gaze at them gently and say: “Well, you know…”
But giving the reason would take him all day,
And before the had finished they’d all go away.
So Jimmy was always left there all alone;
Then one day while making his way round a stone
Another small snail he did happen to meet,
A lady snail too, who was terribly sweet.
They looked at each other, and blinked once or twice,
Then Jimmy suggested a walk would be nice.
They slowly set off and at length had agreed,
To marry each other would be fun indeed.
And so they were married and happy together,
They lived at a snail’s pace for ever and ever.

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