Short English poem on Wisdom and Enlightenment: O Mohammad

Short English poem on Wisdom and Enlightenment: O Mohammad

A light hidden deep in stacks of straw,
And blankets dense of darkness mound,
You blasted into world with celestial flaws,
A hand for believers who live in gloom round.

Flowed the gifts immense in a world so dry,
Enriched by the selfish love high,
River of blood flowed from never die man’s pie,
Blood for blood, eye for eye, became pleasure sigh.

Alas! His disciples made hell this world’s lot,
A bloody inferno where jihadis slit innocent throats,
Where bullet and bombs freely hurled and float,
In a mad and bloody world we gloat.

O Mohammad! Once again reincarnate yourself to purge,
And treat the world, crying for dirge.

Dr. Yogesh Sharma

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