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Durga Puja Greetings

Second Day of Durga Puja: Raj Nandy

On the ‘ashtami day’ I had repeated after the priest,
The Sanskrit mantras of his holy chants,
And offered floral tributes at goddess Durga’s feet,
Invoking her blessings never to accept defeat,
And her ‘shakti’ in our fight against the devil,
A final triumph of good over all evil!

I had also prayed for inner strength,
To cleanse my mind, my heart and soul;
To free myself from anger, hatred and greed,
The goddess’ blessing to make me whole!

Most of us fail to realize, that the those things
we throw into other’s life,
Boomerangs back into our very own!

On this great ‘asthami day’, may the goddess
also grant me empathy,
And the power to heal my patients, through my
skill of homeopathy!

∼ Raj Nandy

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