Salutation To The Father of The Nation – Anil Deshpande

Mahatma Gandhi Animated ImagesO, thou, father of the nation,
We owe you salutation.

For each and everything that you did;
For the cause of the nation and freedom’s seed;
For the wheel called ‘CHARKHA’, * the steering of ‘SWADESHI’ **
For the drive of ‘CHALE JAO’, *** to expel ‘VIDESHI’ ****

For the teachings of truth, nonviolence and peace;
For the messages of cleanliness & patience against tease.

Guided thou, for listening not , seeing not, speaking not an evil;
Still one of us only, dared you kill.
Gone might be you but not your thoughts;
Forever, they’ll inspire, like lustrous spots.

Therefore, O, thou, father of the nation,
We owe you salutation;
With lotuses of hearts of a hundred plus crores;
From the peak of the Himalayas to the ocean’s roars;

O, thou father of the nation,
We owe you salutation,
We owe you salutation.

* Spinning Wheel
** Native
*** Go Away
**** Foreigners

∼ Anil Deshpande

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