Poppet The Poodle – Barbara Giles

PoodleI’m a poodle called Poppet-a peach of a pet,
(though I let the side down, when I once bit the vet!)
But hastily passing that by, let me say,
I’m greatly improving myself, day by day!

Now poodles are pops, and poppet’s my name,
just show me my ball, and I’m set for a game!
They don’t leave me out, when they go for a walk,
‘cos I strongly object, in my own doggy talk!

A prize-winning photo appeared in the press,
Of a popular poodle-now only one guess!
A poodle called poppet-the prize pedigree,
(And I’m still in a daze folk, to find it was me!)

∼ Barbara Giles

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