Our Lord

Lord ShivaAt the world’s dawn
The black cow of cosmic night lies
With the ruddy cow of morning
The Father rapes his virgin daughter
Agni, the hunter, shoots his arrow
The Father, a frenzied foaming bull, runs
Spilling his seed upon the ground
The daughter runs south.

Ripened by Agni, the progeny’s patter begins.
“Fire is a hunter.”
It sustains and destroys.
Vastospati, Guardian of sacred order, lord of vastu,
Guardian of the dwelling, site, house, sacrifice
The fallen seed, the birth of humankind,
the poem Begin
Howling Engender form.

The rhythmic structure, the wild creation
The unnamed god evoke the scene, consciousness
wakes. Time begins. Patter patter. Rhythm pervades the cosmos.

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