Love Is

Love SymbolLove is when you care more about someone else’s happiness than your own,
You would do anything for them,
You’d rather be with them than anyone else in the world,
You would die so they could live,
When you lose them it feels like you lose yourself,
They’re the only thing you can ever think of,
You never even dream of being with anyone else, because they’re everything you want,
They have many faults, but you’re blind to them,
You would take them back no matter what they do,
When you’re with them it’s the happiest times of your life,
but when you’re without them it feels like there is this great big hole in you
You always wanna be in their arms,
Everything reminds you of them,
You miss them the second they leave,
you’re always worried about them
there is something in you just burning so deeply
you cannot even begin to describe it
you want to be the one they turn to
you want to be the one they trust
they can hurt you so much
but you choose to pretend that they don’t
just in case it would hurt them or your relationship
no matter what, they mean the world to you
and you always want to protect them
you wish you could take their pain from them
even if it means feeling it yourself
they do not have to return your love for you to feel this way
They make your life complete
and you cannot imagine them not being in it

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